Cooking with CoCo

This  week we decided to play with one of our favorite child-hood foods, the Elvis sandwich.  But we are looking for something a little more nutritious. Okay, well let’s be honest.. a LOT more nutritious than white bread slathered in peanut butter and fried in a skillet of melted butter (mmm…). So, we took some creative license here!  What we came up with is what I like to call, the Green Elvis.  It’s vegan and perfect for breakfast, as a snack, or dessert . And wouldn’t you know.. bananas are popping up all around us right now.



Green Elvis Smoothie

1/2 c organic almond butter (we prefer fresh ground from our local health food store)

1 c coconut milk (any nut-milk would really work)

2 bananas

2 handfuls of organic spinach leaves (about 1-2 cups loosely filled)

2 Tbs hemp seeds

1 Tbl orange blossom honey

2 Tbl Conscious Coconut Oil

+a pinch of coarse salt if your almond butter is unsalted


Combine. Puree. Enjoy





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