Conscious Cooking

Summer Garden Salad

When some of my favorites are leaving me, the Vidalia onions are creeping in. This is one of the easiest salads you could possibly throw together. It works just as well with the left over vegetables, so don’t fret if you only have half the amount of onion, but twice the amount of tomatoes.  I used purslane and basil from my garden, but you can use whatever herbs you have growing (Remember! Never pick wild plants without consulting first with an expert so you know you are not eating a poisonous clone!). Parsley and chives would be a good fit as well. You can eat it alone, but I find it best served with farmer’s cheese.


1 English cucumber, halved length-wise and sliced thin

1 Pint of Organic grape tomatoes, halved

½ a Vidalia onion, julienne

A pinch of hemp hearts (we love them, could you tell?)

A small handful of pepitas

1-2 Tbl of rice wine vinegar

1 Tbl room temperature Conscious Cococnut Oil

Chopped fresh basil

Chopped purslane (we live near the sea, so our’s is a bit saline in taste)

A pinch or so of kosher salt

Cracked black pepper


Toss together in a large bowl. Best served at room temperature, but may be made ahead and refrigerated.  Don’t forget the farmer’s cheese!

Tell us what you think!

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