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When I was vegan in the early 2000’s, finding a refreshing summer treat wasn’t always a simple task. Dairy-free ice cream was limited to a small selection of Tofutti flavors.. if you could find it it. I didn’t drink soda pop, so that wasn’t satiating any sweet tooth.  What was a young vegan girl to do?  In the summer of 2003 I ended up in Bloomington, IN and I found it. I found the answer to all my hot summer cravings. She’s sweet, yet refreshing, and above all.. she was vegan!

Traditionally the horchata is made with rice milk (which you can make yourself if you have all the time in the world), but I have been in love with Pacific Foods 7-grain milk for a while now, so I use that. You can use any nut or grain milk you desire.

2016-07-05 18.28.06


Florida Horchata

2 C 7-grain milk (or your preference)

2 Tbl orange blossom honey

10 dashes of organic cinnamon

1/4 tsp of sea salt

1/4 tsp of Nielsen-Massey vanilla paste (you can use whole bean, scraped, if you prefer)

1/4 C Conscious Coconut oil


Combine first 5 ingredients together in a blender.  Slowly pour in the Co Co oil.  Enjoy immediately! (Some like it over ice)



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